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Results ( 12 ) : 2016 - 02.

Easter 2016

Authors: S. Crosby

EU Citizenship and Justice

Authors: K. Ligeti

European Citizenship: Our Common Rights and Values

Authors: V. Jourová

EU Citizenship and Democracy

Authors: K. Lenaerts

EU Criminal Justice Actors: Accountability and Judicial Review vis-à-vis the EU Citizen

Authors: K. Ligeti, A. Marletta

Abstract: The Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) represents both a constitutional objective and a solemn commitment of the Union towards its citizens. Being the AFSJ a domain of shared competence, many different actors are entrusted and responsible...

Punitive Administrative Sanctions and Procedural Safeguards: A Blurred Picture that Needs to be Addressed

Authors: A. Weyembergh, N. Joncheray

Abstract: In order to ensure effectiveness of European Union law, the legislator progressively introduced punitive sanctions in various fields of administrative law. If the definition of punitive administrative sanction is already complex, its erratic use in...

The Judge and Citizenship of the Union

Authors: M. Jaeger

Abstract: This article provides an overview of the role of the judge in safeguarding the rights of the Union citizen in an area of freedom, security and justice. It is first the Courts of the Union who have provided the necessary impetus to give legal effect...

Free Movement of EU Citizens and Their Family Members

Authors: E. Guild

Abstract: Why is there so much friction between EU citizens moving in the European Union and state authorities regarding the third country national family members of those citizens? What are the fears of state authorities and what are the objectives of mobil...