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Results ( 10 ) : 2016 - 03.

BREXIT – The Human Dimension and Demos

Authors: S. Crosby

Key Challenges in the Combat of Human Trafficking: Evaluating the EU Trafficking Strategy and EU Trafficking Directive

Authors: A. Bosma, C. Rijken

Abstract: The problem of trafficking in human beings (THB) is still omnipresent in Europe, despite the numerous preventive and retributive actions taken. This article evaluates the two most important EU-instruments to combat trafficking: the EU Directive and...

Article 12 of The EU Human Trafficking Directive: Fulfilling Aspirations for Victim Participation in Criminal Trials?

Authors: J. Muraszkiewicz

Abstract: Traditionally criminal justice has emphasised the aggrandisement of the state, leaving victims outside the principal sphere of the criminal trial. The victim regarded as a witness: an object of the proceedings. Over the last decade Jonathan Doak, a...

The MEDICRIME Convention: Combating Pharmaceutical Crimes through European Criminal Law and Beyond

Authors: S. Negri

Abstract: The falsification of medicinal products represents a significant public health threat and has rapidly turned into a global criminal phenomenon. Pharmaceutical crimes are considered an emerging category of transnational organised crime and have prog...